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Botanical Stills
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Botanical Stills

Welcome to botanicalstills. The natural approach to icon challenges. This icon challenge community is all about trees, flowers, buds, blossoms, vegetables, fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, nuts, berries, herbs, tendrils, shrubs, vines and all other things botanical.


I'm endlessdeep. Your other mods are lavanille and willow_lives. We rotate challenge duties in this community. One of us will host a challenge from start to finish then it's the next mod's turn.

I created this community and ran it for a little while before adopting it out to dear_prudence who did a wonderful job maintaining it and running the challenges for several years before I adopted it back from her.

I am currently looking for one more Moderator. If you are interested please leave me a message HERE.


* You must be a member of the community to enter the challenges.
* Anyone may vote in any Challenge. You do not need to be a member of the community to vote.
* Please ask for permission from the icon maker before adopting any of the icons posted here.
* Crediting adopted icons is mandatory.


* Challenges last two weeks.
* Challenges are posted either late every other Wednesday evening or Thursday.
* Voting is posted every other Wednesday evenings and will last about three days or until enough people have voted.
* If Tie Breaker voting is needed it will last one day


* Read the rules for each challenge carefully as they may differ from challenge to challenge
* All icons must meet LJ standards of 100x100 pixels and not more than 40 kb in size.
* Icons must be new for each challenge.
* Challenge Icons posted anywhere before the winners of a challenge have been announced will be disqualified.
* Upload your icons to Photobucket or some place that allows direct linking.
* No animation, ever. This is a stillness community.


* Voting is weighted
* Voting will be done by poll
* If you enter an icon in a challenge, please vote.
* You may not vote for yourself
* Two way ties stand
* If three or more icons tie there will be tie breaker voting.
* The more people that vote the merrier.

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comment at this post if you would like to be added.

recent entries.

Other Community Rules
* If you have posting access to the community for posting banners that is all you are allowed to post.
* Do not post anything in the community without permission from the moderators.
* This is not an icontest reminders community. Do not post reminders of any kind from other icontest communities in this community. If you need votes or challenge entries for your community there are communities built for this purpose. icontestnews is a good one.


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